Omggggg!!! What a public diary I have made for myself! A little old fashioned and a little confusing, yet here I am with my very own website. 

To be honest writing a blog is somewhat contradictory to many of the things I have come to know about myself. I don’t love to write. I’m not sure how to share my passions in a completely honest way. And I still don’t quite understand the purpose of a blog. 

I find it somewhat hard to believe that people would willingly sign up to read my ramblings during the time and age of reality TV shows, video essays, and basically anything else. But regardless of my *raised eye squinting in confusion emoji* feelings towards the logic behind following the blog that is fully dedicated to things in my life, now that actually exists, I feel a sense of duty to living up to the name. 

I still don’t know what this will be!! Will it be emotional ramblings, book commentary, songs I like or just vibes?? I have yet to figure it out. But this blog was the natural course of events in my life, and I plan to follow it to fruition (whatever that means).  

Here is a picture of some lady bugs dancing to celebrate!!  

A new piece of joy I have just named while making this first blog post is the joy of the artist. I have loved this photo for such a long time and probably have it pinned on at least a few Pinterest boards. But only now that I was planning to post it in a new way did I think of the artist.  

The artist DD Minnes @TheCanvasMenagerie on Instagram and Etsy (I think) titled this piece, “The Orchard Gavotte” and I don’t really feel like looking deeply into what that means today. However, to not completely leave the artist’s intent behind, I looked up the definition of a Gavotte because no one uses that word ever so how was I supposed to know it.  

The Gavotte is a “medium paced French dance, popular in the 18th century” according to the Oxford dictionary, so take it with a grain of salt. Or believe the dictionary I don’t really care. I’m not going to lie that definition was a bit of a letdown.  

It felt nice after so many years of seeing this painting to finally know a little bit more about it! I feel a sense of gratitude towards the artist for sharing more about the painting. Not for intellectual purposes but really because in knowing the details more, I now feel just a little bit closer to those ladybugs and that bee. 

But let me end my first ever post by saying if the ladybugs Gavotte so can I. If you see me in the street gavotting, I encourage you to join me in this little dance of the French!  



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